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    • Sodium Ascorbate
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      Sodium Ascorbate

      Sodium ascorbate is produced by dissolving ascorbic acid in water and adding an equivalent amount of sodium bicarbonate. After cessation of effervescence, the sodium ascorbate is precipitated by the addition of isopropanol.Read More
    • Betain HCL
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      Betain HCL

      Betaine, chemically named trimethylglycine, is a kind of efficient, high-quality and economical feed additive widely applied in poultry, pigs and aquaculture industry.Read More
    • Choline Chloride
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      Choline Chloride

      Choline (commonly in the form of Choline chloride) is one of the B categories of vitamin. It is acetylcholine in the biological organization. It is the components of lecithin and nerve acid fat. It is used by most animals as a precursor of acetyl cholineRead More
    • Calcium Ascorbate
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      Calcium Ascorbate

      Calcium ascorbate, is briefly called Vc-Ca, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and feed, It won't change the original taste of food. It can keep the activity of Vc with the function of replenishing calcium(easy to be absorbed).Read More
    • L-Lysine
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      Lysine is an essential amino acid for humans. Lysine is a base, as are arginine and histidine. The latter occurs in calmodulin. Other posttranslational modifications at lysine residues include acetylation and ubiquitination.Read More
    • Ascorbyl Phosphate
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      Ascorbyl Phosphate

      L-Ascorbate-2-Monophosphate is used as an ideal feed additives in aquaculture and livestock industry. It is a keyvitamin necessary for the growth of living thingsRead More
    • N-AcetyL-L-Cysteine
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      CAS No.:616-91-1 MF:C5H9NO3S COLOR:White crystalline power 1. English name: N-acetyl-L-cysteine 2. Other Name: NAC 3. Assay: 98.5%~101.0% 4. Standard: AJI92 USP35 5. Appearance: White crystalline power 6. Grade : food grade/ medicine grade 7. CAS No.: 616-91-1 8. MF: C5H9NO3S...Read More
    • L-Valine
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      L-valine helps prevent catabolism or the breakdown of muscle by supplying the muscles with extra glucose for energy production during intense physical activity. Valine also helps eliminate potentially toxic excess nitrogen from the liverRead More
    • L-Tyrosine
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      Tyrosine is claimed to act as an effective antidepressant, however results are mixed. Tyrosine has also been claimed to reduce stress and combat narcolepsy and chronic fatigue, however these claims have been refuted by some studies.Read More
    • L-Tryptophan
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      L-tryptophan is an amino acid, a protein building block that can be found in many plant and animal proteins. L-tryptophan is called an "essential" amino acid because the body can't make it.Read More
    • L-Threonine
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      Threonine is an important kind of analeptic which fortifies cereal,pastry and dairy products.Like tryptophan,it rejuvenates human bodies and promotes the growth of infants.Read More
    • L-Isoleucine
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      CAS No.:73-32-5 MF:C6H13NO2 Appearance:Off-white powderRead More
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