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Plant Extracts

    • Gingseng P.E.
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      Gingseng P.E.

      It is a popular herbal remedy for debility, depression, fatigue, stress and nervous breakdowns, increase mental and physical work capacity, increase concentration, improve performance.Read More
    • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf P.E.
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      Ginkgo Biloba Leaf P.E.

      Specifications 1.USP/EP/BP/FCC/CP 2.GMP/Non-GMO/KOSHER/HALAL/HACCP 3.10 Years Experience 4.Delivery within 5 days 5.OEM abilityRead More
    • Epimedium Herb P.E.
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      Epimedium Herb P.E.

      Specifications epimedium extract 1.Source:epimedium brevicornum 2.Used part:leaf 3.Sepc.:icariin 5% to 98% by HPLC 1.Typical Specification of epimedium extract ----- icariin 40% by HPLCRead More
    • Danshen Root P.E.
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      Danshen Root P.E.

      A small perennial that grows mostly in sunny areas, danshen is believed to have originated in the area of the Mediterranean Sea.Danshen Root extract produces small, fuzzy, grayish leaves in the spring;Read More
    • Cassia Nomame P.E .
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      Cassia Nomame P.E .

      Specifications 1.Specification:Flavanol8%;10%;12%;15%(UV) 2.Appearance: breen powder 3.Part used:leaf 4.Free SampleRead More
    • Bitter Melon P.E.
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      Bitter Melon P.E.

      Active Ingredient Percent or Concentrate Method Total Saponins1%, 3%, 5%, 10% HPLC Charantin 10%UV Extract Ratio 10:1, 20:1, 30:1 TLC SPECIFICATION SHEET Product Name:Bitter Melon Extract Powder Botanical Name:MoRead More
    • Aloe P.E.
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      Aloe P.E.

      Specifications Aloe P.E./Aloe extract Specification:barbaloin10%-40% Test method:UV it's fresh KOSHER certificated, GMP workshop,GAP Specification:barbaloin10%-40% Test method:UV Aloe Extract /Aloe p.e. (CAS NO.: 1415-73-2) Latin Name:Plantago asiatica L. Botanical...Read More
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