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    • Citric Acid China Supplier
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      Citric Acid China Supplier

      Pure citric acid is a colorless transparent crystal or white powder, odorless, and has an attractive acidity. Its calcium salt is easily dissolved in cold water than hot water, and this property is commonly used to identify and separate citric acid. Anhydrous citric acid can...Read More
    • China Food Grade Lactic Acid Supplier
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      China Food Grade Lactic Acid Supplier

      The pure Lactic Acid product is a colorless liquid, and the industrial product is a colorless to pale yellow liquid. Odorless, and hygroscopicity. It can be miscible with water, ethanol and glycerin, and the aqueous solution is acidic, PKa=3.85. Insoluble in chloroform,...Read More
    • Buy Sodium Alginate Thickener
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      Buy Sodium Alginate Thickener

      Sodium alginate is a high-grade stabilizer for cold drinks such as ice cream, which can produce a smooth appearance and a smooth mouthfeel for cold foods such as ice cream. We supplies you with quality and cheap buy sodium alginate thickener made of our professional...Read More
    • Food Grade Xanthan Gum China Supplier
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      Food Grade Xanthan Gum China Supplier

      Xanthan gum is a light yellow to white flowable powder with a slight odor. Soluble in cold, hot water, neutral solution, freeze-resistant and thawed, insoluble in ethanol. Water-dispersible, emulsified into a stable hydrophilic viscous colloid. We supplies you with quality...Read More
    • China Food Additives Sweetener Acesulfame-K
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      China Food Additives Sweetener Acesulfame-K

      As a non-nutritive sweetener, it can be widely used in various foods such as solid beverages, pickles, preserves, gumdrops, table sweeteners. It can be mixed with other sweeteners, especially when combined with aspartame and cyclohexylsulfamate. We supplies you with quality...Read More
    • Food Sweetener Sucralose Supplier
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      Food Sweetener Sucralose Supplier

      Therefore, it can be used in baking or in products that require a longer shelf life. The commercial success of sucralose-based products stems from its favorable comparison to other low-calorie sweeteners in terms of taste, stability, and safety.
      We supplies you...
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    • Food Grade Potassium Citrate Price China
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      Food Grade Potassium Citrate Price China

      In addition, potassium citrate can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry for hypokalemia and potassium deficiency and alkalized urine. It can also be made into high-efficiency compound fertilizer, and can also be used in papermaking, gold plating and other industries....Read More
    • High Quality Antioxidant Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid Price
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      High Quality Antioxidant Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid Price

      There exists a D-ascorbic acid, which does not occur in nature. It may be synthesized artificially. It has identical antioxidant properties to L-ascorbic acid yet has far less vitamin C activity (although not quite zero). High quality antioxidant vitamin c ascorbic acid plays...Read More
    • High quality food additives Aspartame supplier
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      High quality food additives Aspartame supplier

      *Aspartame also can be made into different forms, such as granule, troche, powder or liquor. And added as the substitution of saccharose into normal sweetmeats which adapt to diabetes and adiposis sufferers.
      *As high quality food additives aspartame supplier, our...
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    • Erythorbic Acid
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      Erythorbic Acid

      Erythorbic Acid used as antioxidants,Erythorbic is food ingredients and food additives that act as preservatives by inhibiting the effects of oxygen on food, and can be beneficial to health.Read More
    • Citric Acid
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      Citric Acid

      Citric Acid is a weak organic acid, and is triprotic acid. It is a natural preservative and is also used to add an acidic, or sour, taste to foods and soft drinks.Read More
    • Sorbic Acid
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      Sorbic Acid

      Sorbic acid and its mineral salts, such as sodium sorbate, potassium sorbate and calcium sorbate, are antimicrobial agents often used as preservatives in food and drinks to prevent the growth of moldRead More